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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude909 View Post
    Not sure the website comparison section is useful tbh. Everyone has different experiences with different websites, results are very location and time sensitive... And in a couple years all those mentioned might and will probably be dead anyway.
    What would you suggest? I welcome any content you can recommend.

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    All this is taken directly from my ebook I wrote and edited through the years, its what works for me and others that have used my method:

    Quote - “A woman without an imagination is a very boring one” – Crissco

    4 Tips:
    1. Change your profile picture up every so often, experiment on which one gets the most responses and stick with it.

    2. Try to remember what woman you have messaged in the past and try not to send the same opener to her a month later. You will get called out. Give it a two month breathing period.

    3. If you plan to travel change your location to the area you are going to before you leave. You can set up the dates for when you are there.

    4. If you choose to go on a date find a local place with a nice setting, friendly people and cheap drinks. Make it your number one go to spot.

    The Mass Text

    Once you acquired a decent amount of numbers over a period of time this is where mass texting comes in. You want to get laid tonight, not a problem. Text multiple girls(Which you should always be doing anyway) to come and hang out that night. One of them has to agree to hang out, and when she does just follow the steps to your same night lay.

    The call.

    There are certain times in your seduction journey that texting just doesn’t work, you either didn’t build enough comfort yet and its just too soon in general.

    This is where calling comes in. Its always more pleasant to hear who you are talking to, and to show to them you’re a normal person and have a voice through all those texts and e-mails.

    When it comes to phone calls keep them short, under 10 minutes. Plan the date talk for a little longer then get off the phone and plan your next step of the journey.

    Some advice I can give you is before you pick up the phone to call, know what your going to say as your first line, I suggest making it a funny line or witty statement about something you two talked about in the past, then play off of that at some point during the conversation

    A couple of reasons for calling.

    1. Not enough rapport was built through texting
    2. It builds up rapport at a rapid pace.

    3. To know that the person you are talking to is really them (Hey you never know)

    Key points to remember:

    1. Keep the calls short, under 10 minutes

    2. Plan ahead before calling

    3. Be, calm, cool and collective through out the phone call

    4. Remember, smile!! Yes people can sense that even over the phone

    Tactics to get a girl from the date to the bed:

    1. Leave a prop in your house, ex...The picture of your baby cousin. Mention that during the date and on the ride home tell her you have the picture that you want to show her, then take her and lead her into the house from the car, show her the picture, then (Go to section 5)

    2. Have her pick you up, tell her your cars in the shop so she's forced to drop you off and your house and when you’re at the house use tactic one.

    3. Drink a lot of liquids on the date so she has to use the bathroom, while using tactic 2 have her drop you off and by the time you get to your place she's going to ask to use your bathroom, that’s where you suggest since you are here already, tell her to stay hang out for a bit.

    4. If you have a backyard this is perfect, on the date tell her. “After this, lets go hang out in my backyard, I have an awesome set up!!” The backyard is perfect because its non threatening, plus when you two start to make out in the backyard, it has the aura of “its possible to get caught” Women love doing those type of things.


    **DON’T respond right away once she flakes, wait about an hour or so before the time you were supposed to hang out**

    Should a women flake on you anymore then 2 times, cut her off. That is a sign of disrespect. Give her one shot, because the truth is something really could of happened, a flat tire, got sick, whatever it may be give her the benefit of the doubt once, and reschedule.

    If you feel she's making up an excuse say this:

    Say this: "Well it seems you want to do everything expect hang with me, or make a time to meet up. I'm a busy guy. I don't have time for this. So good luck you there Hope you find someone"

    This will weed you the girls who are truly interested in you from the ones who are not. Why game and go for a girl when she's not interested in you in the first place, your just wasting your time.

    Types of dating sites

    There are tons and tons of dating sites out there, but which one do you choose? A run down of the 3best dating site in my opinion are:

    Plenty of fish: The girls are easy, fast, and most likely on the first night will put out, make sure to wrap it up, go for the hot ones and have fun!

    Okcupid: One of my favorites, another free site, but the girls are hotter. Lays are just as easy and a big selection of girls to choose from! A paid dating site, women on match take dating a lot more seriously then Plenty of Fish and Ok cupid. Same Night Lays are still possible, since the site is very popular and shown on TV the girls are a little bit hotter on then the other two sites.

    Facebook: While not a dating site, it can be used as a tool to get laid. I have used it numerous times with success and even ended up getting a girlfriend off of it. With Facebook, I run the exact routine I do with online dating sites its no different. Keep your profile vague, and have a good main picture.

    Best Dating apps to use:


    The point of Tinder and Hinge is go through girls one by one and like or dislike them according to the way they look. She does the same for guys, if you like her, she likes you then you pair a match and can start messaging each other.
    The trick to those two apps is to like every girl, then at the end of the day go through your matches and pick out the girls you like the best.

    This routine works great most of the time. Like anything else its not 100% proven, but you have nothing to lose:
    The 7+ Opener

    It’s true that most of the woman on these dating sites get a lot of messages, especially girls who are 7+ on the look scale. I recently have been using this opener with great success to open the hottest girls. It goes like this:

    Open – You and I would never be able to hang out.

    (They respond)

    Follow up – Because you seem like a trouble maker.

    (They respond)

    Follow up 2 – Yup!! Your def mischievous!! I kind of like that…Im (Name)

    (They respond)

    Follow the normal routine asking what she does for fun...Any unique hobbies from here on out.

    I have other areas of my ebook I didn't add. 1. A lot was covered, and 2 Im selling it on Amazon, and 3. I don't want girls searching my routines and coming here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubarao View Post
    What would you suggest? I welcome any content you can recommend.
    I would simply advise one to create a profile on 3-4 sites/apps and constantly blitz them.
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    "I don't have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination"

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    My online success 'guide with 35+ year old woman

    I posted this originally in the Over 33 Technique thread, and it was suggested that I post it here as well, so posting here, and tried to clean up a bit:

    So you know how I developed this, over time, which really was not planned at all, just refining my interactions, and you will know where I came from. Had I started where most of you are now, or had a lot more experience with woman there are areas in it for vast improvement, then and now.

    This comes from my learning's over time, over the past 5 years, as I have mostly been using online sites to find dates after getting a divorce. However, starting back then, I was 'looking for a girlfriend' and 'Monogamy' actually had the 'Disney dream' and over those years, had invested 3+ years in 'monogamous' relationships with women I dated from online. The first I slept with on the second date, and turned into a 2 year relationship. Not something I would pursue now, but want you to get my 'frame' when I was working on this.

    My 'target' was always over 35, then, that's what I thought was the 'best' fit for me, so all of my dating from online, until this year, had been with 35 and older woman.

    This may not be a 'technique' per se, but more of a 'pattern' that I have developed from online dating on and off over the past few years, but it has led to sex with around ~25 woman from online dates. In just 2015 alone, as I have gone back to it, I have been on ~15 dates, again, all over 35 YO, that have led to sex in 4 of the first dates, and 2 on second dates, which puts me around 40% success from that small sample size this year alone.

    Notes about my online profile:
    As other guides have noted, online response rate to openers and email is incredibly low, somewhere around 1-3%.
    I used to attribute that to my profile, which I don't think is that great, but there are occasions when woman actually reach out to say hi to me first in this age range.
    My photos are of me traveling, or doing something, like skydiving, or on my motorcycle, etc.

    My vibe with them has always been boyfriend/gentleman with an edge, that comes naturally to me, as I have a corporate, decent paying job, and I dress a little stylish, but also have necklaces, tattooed, beard, ride a motorcycle, have adventurous activities, ski race, skydive, martial artist, travel, but open doors for them, somewhat laid back approach that they have a hard time 'reading' at times, so you may need to adjust based on your style, but feel they are generic enough.

    With all those caveat's and notes, here has been my pattern and some reflection on it, I have not held 100 percent to all of them, as every situation has been a bit different, and I tend to go more with the flow of how things are feeling as well.

    • First email contact:
      • I try to keep email back and forth to 3-5 emails max, with some notes on similar interests, or something interesting in their profile, but I keep mine short, no more than 1 or 2 paragraphs of a couple of sentences each. And NO beta crap in these, NO going on about how beautiful they are, NO submissive shit, etc. If I give a compliment, it will be on something they have done, like travel, or a photo of something, like them riding a camel, along the line of "That must have been an amazing experience, and I would love to hear more about it!"
      • After this, I will ask for a number, and a time we can chat on the phone. And by ask, I mean along the line of: "You sound like an interesting woman, with some great stories, shoot me your number and a time we can chat, as I would love to learn more about you!"
        • Notes:
          • ​I use "Love", "Experience" "amazing" and words such as that, not directed 'at' them, but things about what they have done, etc, as woman connect with them, and makes them feel you are interested in them and who they are, where they have come from
          • No sex references are brought in here

    • Phone chat:
      • Once I get a number, and a time to chat, I will call them at that time, and be prompt and on time, and really is a continuation of the email thread. I will try to keep this to max 1/2 hour, and most times far less than this, and use the 80/20 listen/talk rule. It's my opportunity to build some rapport, get them feeling someone is listening to them, and actually hears them, start to bring up things they are interested in, maybe shared interests, and a little about myself.
      • Keep a positive frame during the call, with your voice in control, and nervousness should be minimal.
      • Things usually go pretty well here, and at the end of the call, I will pitch a coffee date, or maybe a quick drink date, and throw in the 'Nothing to committed, that way if either of us gets scared away, we can split, and if we do connect, we can continue on!"
        • Notes:
          • I use some slightly deprecating humor here at times, and I mean slightly, they often ask, "what do you do for a living" and for me, that's easy, I tell them "I am a Director of IT, which really is just a fancy way of saying I fix computers for a living, and really, since I am a director now, I just tell people to fix computers, while I go to meetings."
          • Again, no sex references here, Unless they initiate it. I do at times include some prior relationship talk, often people are not originally from the area, and I'll ask how they wound up here, and then jokingly say: "wait, let me guess, it was a guy! It's always a guy. "

    • Coffee/Drink date:
      • This I try to setup the first meet, and shoot for 1 hour max, unless things are going very well, then I can extend it if she is open to it. All of the rules apply to dating here, dress nice/stylish, show up on time, or before. I often show up before, and then txt them, where I am, and some note like "I am at the bar when you get here, let's see if you can find me! "
      • Setup, I always shoot for the bar, if for wine/drinks, or a table that has seats that I can sit at beside her at an angle, When she gets there, almost all the time, they look to shake hands, and I wave that off, and give her a hug, while explaining "I am a hugger" and thank her for meeting me out, etc. The bar works well, it almost forces us close after, and more often than not touching legs together while we talk, pay attention to her state, if she is uncomfortable with it, you'll pick up on it, and can move back a bit.
      • 80/20 talking rule applies here, and this is where I get deeper into who she is, what she is passionate about, and why, I have some of my own passions, such as martial arts, that I can relate with them on this level, and how it makes you feel, etc.
        • Notes:
          • I try to setup this date, near myself or her location, if it leads to a longer first date that may lead to sex, you will already be somewhat setup to pursue this.
          • If it doesn't, but feel that things are going well, at the end of the date, I'll pitch a second date, and ask for her availability, etc. And then tell her I'll be in touch with some plans.
          • This is also where the gentleman side comes in as well, this comes naturally to me, and I have been surprised how many women comment positively on it after time, and how many men do not do these things:
            • I will always walk her to her car, or the bus, or however she got there, and continue chatting along the way, unless she completely shuts that down. Often they will give you the "No, you don't have to" but I do it anyways.
            • I always walk on the outside of a woman on the sidewalk, I do this for my daughter, or any woman I am with, I actually feel uncomfortable if I don't, there are times, I will actually move around the woman, lightly pressure her to the other side by my hand on their shoulder.

    • The 2nd date:
      • This should be always near where she lives, or my place, I pitch near where she lives, find someplace intimate for drinks, or an activity, or sometimes dinner. Always plan this yourself, do not ask her what she would like to do!
      • I always try to pick her up at her place, here again, no beta shit, "Can I pick you up at your place?" I use something along the line of "Ok, Friday night at 8, I have plans for us, and would love to pick you up at your place, and then head over. " Since you have already built some rapport, they usually respond favorably to this, and I take that as a sign of interest. If they don't, they may be slightly interested, but insure still.
      • Always be on time, or slightly early. I will then meet them at their door, and walk them to my car, here again, open the car door for her, and then take her to your date, hold the door to the place, and she goes first through. After the date, always walk her back to the car, and again open the door for her. This right here is very simple, and very effective as they are really not used to this, I don't do this from a 'beta' place though, looking for a thank you, or expect some thing from it. I do it, because I want to do it, and that comes across to them, even unspoken.

    • After the date:
      • Here, they may get a little nervous, as I am bringing them back to their place, they may get a little quieter, as the wonder what is about to happen. I always tell them, I will walk them back to the door, and you will almost always get "You don't have to" to which I reply, something like "I know I don't have to" while I am getting out of the car, to go open their door and escort them back to the door.
      • From here, you can pickup the vibe, I may go for a kiss, a lot of the time, they ask if I would like to come in for a minute, or I'll ask to use the bathroom, as I am older now, more often than not, I actually need to. LOL. Once at this point, all of the familiar ASD rules fall into place.
        • Notes:
          • I have had my best success with ASD, as looking at it as not shit tests, or resistance, but a woman trying to overcome her ASD, by essentially asking me to lead her there. Often I do this by agreeing with whatever they say, but then doing it anyway.
            • For example, had one woman in my bed, with nothing on but her panties, and as I started to remove them, she grabbed them and said, you can't take those off, as we are not having sex tonight. My reply was I agree, we can't take those off, as we will wind up having sex, while I was taking them off, and her next comment was. "Do you have condoms?"

    Post Reading notes from my successes:
    • From BD's original request, also admittedly, in my past, I have spent too much money on dates. I don't do that anymore, and it has not affected my results so far. My most recent lay from online, 45 years old, I paid for wine the first date, then we had dinner the second date, and she picked up dinner, and would not even let me leave the tip! We then went back to her place, and had sex, total was ~4 hours of face time, and this woman told me she had not had sex in 1.5 years.
    • This age, they *are* looking for boyfriends, and MLTR is much harder, they may do it for a while, but not be completely comfortable with it.
      • Example: Last week, I got female next'ed by a 50 year old after a couple of months of dating in an open relationship style.

    • My quickest, online over 33 to sex, was 1 hour coffee date, I bought the coffee, straight to my house to 'watch a movie' and about 1/2 hour of facetime there before we hit the bed. So total was 1.5 hours facetime to sex, with price of 1 cup of coffee.
    • I think online over 33 to sex quickly 'can' happen at low cost, and my first date lays above have been max 4-5 hours from meet to sex (Although two of them happened in a car, but I don't discriminate about 'where' we had sex from the actually having sex on the first date part.. )
    • Interaction: Eye contact, Eye contact! I love to hold eye contact with a woman as she speaks, there are times women have said to me, Wow, you have an intense eye contact, it feels like you are looking right into me. It's not creepy eye contact, it just makes them feel I 'see' them.
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    Thanks rice, I will add your content when I get back into the Player Guide.

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