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    I'm on this path too. Forum could be a graveyard by mid-fall haha.

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    Great stuf pureevil, serial monogamy is a very legit option for many guys. In fact it's the default option for a lot of guys already, the keys are understanding the processes you break down and having solid game to move on quick. Monogamy gets a bad rap, and it def has some serious downsides, but if you've found a great girl (and done your fucking homework on her), the bliss you get from the first 6 months to a year is the strongest you'll feel - polyamory will maybe only be 60/70% of that tops. And the major downside of serial monogamy (assuiming you don't get cheated on), breaking up, is usually much less of an issue than most guys think. Because when you're season in the game, with a strong ability to detach, and an early warning system before things start going downhill/becoming dramatic, you'll be the one pulling the trigger. My last relationship ended after a bit six months, she started getting more needy/dramatic, I lost interest and ended things. Felt bad for her as she was really upset but as far as my feelings went was happy to move on. A bit more drama then I would have liked over the last week of the relationship, but got a great 5 and a half months out of it. Definitely a great option when you know how to protect your downside.

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