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    Yogi tea did wonders for me when I was fasting:
    -It has zero calories so It doesn't break your fast
    -It is a relaxant tea which means you can drink it late at night
    -Making sure it's hot and to drink it slowly, somehow it quenched my appetite
    -I would drink 2-3 cups if one wasn't enough

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    Again if you are doing INTERMITTENT FASTING CORRECTLY, 8 hour window, or 4 or 6 hour window, you should NOT be hungry at all... That is the whole point, for example i am in a 500 caloric deficit, so i eat 2000 calories a day, i divide into 2 huge 1000 calories meal, there is no way that eating a 1000 calories in one setting and then another 1000 calories (making sure you get at least 1 point of protein per body weight) in an 8 hour widow, or 6 or 4... That you should be hungry... The main reason i do intermittent fasting is due to it KILLS THE hunger, vs the bro science 6 small meals... I have field tested this with family member, friends, co workers clients, women i am fucking, and they all report the same shit i am saying...You do not need ANYTHING, no cocoa, no caffeine pills, no yogi tea, 0, nada, nothing...

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    IME IF alone is not enough to curb my hunger. I need some sort of stim eg) coffee. It could be tho that I get rebound hunger when I come off stims but I don't think that's it.

    most people who are paleo and low sugar are also chronic caffeine addicts. It's grueling otherwise.

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    -Chad, I have several Yogi teas, they are very tasty. They help a little bit when hungry. The cocoa has actual calories and minerals, so no wonder it helps more/longer (in my experience).
    -JG, yea.. even a glass of water helps a little bit. Its probably a mix of psychological effect and actual needs being met (thirst, minerals etc)
    -Skills, its nice you have an alternative method that negates hunger. No need for the 'holier-than-thou troll speak' though.

    OMG I made a low-carb cheese cake yesterday..
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    Have you tried no food day? Its my best solution
    I tried it on monday, but in the evening I went to the refrigerator and shit got downhill. By the way I dont get what you do on day two? Do you eat normally then?
    I like skills approach with 2 meals off 1000 calories. So in generall I could cut out the breakfast, take a normal lunch and a evening meal and finish.

    I also feel that counting calories in general is not that hard per se. I did it last week over some days and I saw that I could eat more then I expected and still have a calories deficit.
    The problem was that I was running into a lot of situation where I had to guess what are the actual calories of what I eat. The lunch at the canteen. The brezel from the bakery. Even the soup and the salad from the canteen wasnt really good to guess.

    By the way how much water do you guys drink? I always try to avoid pure water.All I drink is a lot of coffee and coke zero. Except when I hit the gym. Then I drink a litre water during that time.

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    Love your awareness here Ij. nice. Sharp.

    On top of all the other good advice heres a few points i found key for me
    - Several people ive seen recommends to follow fasting models that are most fit with oour behavioral needs - aka fit it to what works for you. IVe found the 20-24 hour full stop to work best for my "behavioural preferences".
    - Setting the periods of faste in so that it uses sleep time at the hardest part
    - make go-to-solution for hard times (me before bed - eg tea, for a self-nurturing thing - diet coke)
    - keep an eye on the types of hunger - certain hungers are social with me for example, others are early bodily reactions (liver). Know how to adress each
    - when i keep a more active schedule socially it helps to remove focus from it

    On another note 20-24 hour fasting changed my way of eating radically. My hunger became more need based and i had an easy time saying no without mental fuzz. there was a clarity that emerged - zen like feeling - and a feel good in the system, a sense of quality to my presence somehow. Doing it w. full focus was just easier for me. tried other ones but it fade out somehow vs full stop which worked well for me.

    Key for me
    - Full focus in shorter periods - direct results and effects are very clear to me like this (im Very result oriented)
    - No cal counting etc and not thinking about it every single day (this drains me more than hunger)
    - Things to help tough periods and organizing the sleep schedules and activities
    - viable alternatives like diet coke (helps remove the aaaarrggh moments, and adds a flow to it)

    - Just saw the focus was HARDCORE. my post was more general and i cant add anything from experience to it. I like the 3 day visualisation, Makes sense for me to help shape my mind and somewhat organize around a simple but effective tool like this.
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    Mr. glow, it seems we have a very similar experience. Both for focus and distraction needs. Very nice input!
    -for me, the term 'no-food-day' seems to play an important role. It becomes my 'main objective' in an almost army/trench-like way.. Im like What day is it? Ah.. its no-food-day!
    -when I did shorter fasting, I resorted to emptying my fridge, so no food withing reach.
    -with 'no-food-day' I can have a full fridge and even some chocolate on table next to computer, and Im still not touching it..
    -I never counted calories either, just experimented how infrequent I had to eat in order to lose 1 or .5 kg/week.
    -I keep a very rough estimate in my head, of carbs consumed though. (Because I get crazy hungry if I eat too many carbs.)

    -try lowcarbing until keto before doing the first no-food-day.
    -try empty fridge and only buy what you will eat that day. (Makes it much less of a challenge.)
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