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    Quote Originally Posted by Sase View Post
    That must have been traumatic.
    Very! Nothing makes me feel more like a domesticated pussy... cat. Than having girls/women dress me up.

    Her: "You can't run outside with untied shoelaces you'll fall!"
    8-year old Me: "Just watch me! I'll out run you"

    During a fling if a chick tries to mother me and make me presentable for whatever (friends, family, parties or other events) I just go with it... no point in ruining her fantasy. After all... it's not like it's going to turn into anything long term

    Quote Originally Posted by Sase View Post
    Haha, I'm an European transplant myself. Although a different generation. It might be old fashioned but I know women notice a man who knows how to tie both, an Oxford shoe and an army boot (subliminal bondage?) Also suede is for sissies. Leather is dom. Especially aged, regularly polished leather. It just stands out
    Yeah agreed, last time I wore an Oxford was for a wedding. Had to do a lot dusting and polishing.

    I usually rock leather Chelsea's... the boots themselves don't always get attention. My brand does. (If a girl looks me up-down and notices it, I approach, she has good taste!) And yeah dominance and hints of sadism is quite apparent:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
    S However it's worth noting that I'm a European transplant in a continent where having a metrosexual/up-to-date fashion sense, is conflated with homosexuality... seems old-fashioned to me.
    For sure, your location and what is in style there has a lot to do with it. If you wear your pants long enough to cover the tops of the boot people may not even be aware of how tall they were. Like those harness boots you show Bacchus, they would go over well around here unless people saw that they were so short and then they would do that "Why don't you buy real boots?" Hey, two or three inches can make a real difference. :-)

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    I wouldn't buy sheep shoes at regular clothing stores like Top man. Buy something that is stylish but also good for your feet.

    "If my feet ain't happy, I ain't happy."
    - Karl Pilkington.

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