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    Well I haven't had sex yet but I had my first make-out last night. I tried some mmmms but she didn't make any noise so I stopped.

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    First, it's all about confidence. Take control of the entire situation and for the talking, tell her exactly what to do.... but when you do, you need to very deliberate with each word... and deepen your voice and SLOW DOWN.

    Couple of good examples:

    At the beginning - I want you to take off your top and put it over there. (don't say get naked). then go back to kissing and touching but every 3 min or so keep asking her to remove one thing at a time. (and it's ok to go out of order... e.g., top, pants, panties, and fuck her with the bra on... mix it up) keep them guessing.
    When she's blowing you - mmmm... that feels good... I think I"m going to cum in your mouth, i'd bet you'd like that (She'll say yes or nod her head)
    While youre going down on her - if you keep squirming around like that I will tie you down to the bed.
    While your going at it - I want you to get on top and work that pussy good for me baby.

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