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    Quote Originally Posted by Chad View Post
    Well It's hard to say. As Gun said most men just settle for what they can get, so it's hard to draw out a general rule.

    Also usually people prioritize personality more then looks for relationships.

    Mostly It comes down to the individual and what they would value more in a ltr.

    Some guys don't want their wife/gf to be too hot so she won't get hit on constantly other guys get off on everyone eyeing their gf/wife, soo it really depends on the person.
    I always thought the old PU adage "women don't know what they want" also applies to men. Most PEOPLE don't know what they want, so you have guys saying "I wanna marry an ugly girl so she'll be mine forever xoxo" because they have no idea what it takes to meet and fuck hot chicks and manage relationships, and at the end of the day they don't want to learn or put in the effort.

    Men please continue locking down the ugly girls in mono relationships. It makes banging hotties easier for the rest of us!

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    This study does not match what i see on the field, usually the hotties are taken, guys either get them prego, or lock them down in mono relationships/marriage... At least that is my personal experience...

    which is one of the reasons the 9-10s are imho harder to get, availability... there are not many 9s and 10s available, you catch them in the younger cock carousel/college years, and in break up periods.... or you take them towards the ending stages of relationships were their investment level is dying with the main dude.

    I challenge you guys to go through your facebook and instantgram and confirm what i am saying...

    The other problem is sometimes dating a really hot girls, gets a bit annoying you constantly have a bunch of people hitting them up, staring and you in public and the likes...

    My experience for what i seen most dudes including players usually end up with solid 8-8.5, again i am talking what i have notice from public pua groups and chats...

    Remember also true 9s-10s get pay for their looks in the majority of cases...
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    I think one thing to point out is that what people consider to be attractive/hot differs?

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