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    I still would like some clarification of the above concerns.

    However, I just read Bacchus' post about his "game" and what he does. It was very interesting to read. I'm just wondering if it's fundamental stuff that NEEDS to be present, or if it's his style.

    For example: he talks about sexual framing, introducing feelings of liberation and freedom and emotionally relating to her as well as providing a safe space, but most of this takes place in conversation. I'm wondering if (using mirror neurons) this can be done with vibe?

    I'm wondering because, one of the things I'm noticing is that I'm good with women in person (to some degree, obviously not great enough to get laid lol) but not in text. Text is verbal, and I wonder if my vibe is solid but my verbals are shit.

    OR, I'm wondering if I can somehow rely on my vibe more and less on the verbals?

    I get a lot of looks from girls, and tonight, for example, a cute waitress brought me my food who wasn't my server. It was an obvious approach (she had smiled at me minutes prior) and yet I didn't do anything with her because I was there with my cousin, but that's not the point.

    I'm not sure exactly what my point is, I'm pretty much just throwing shit at the wall, but since I recognize my verbal and text game to be lacking, I wonder how I can overcome that in a way that is genuine, congruent, and still attractive/not off-putting.
    And I dunno, reading Bacchus' posts make me realize that this shit can be done FAST so I feel like I'm a snail of sorts and am obviously missing some things.

    EDIT: Another thing I should mention is that I'm getting close to understanding things in relation to "assume attraction".

    I think one of the biggest obstacles for me is how to interact with a girl in a way that assumes attraction.

    I think I'm coming at Pick-Up as one who must create, escalate, and build the relationship from scratch, while I think the proper way to go about it is to let the relationship "unfold" without exploding.

    Still, I'm unsure how that can be done in regards to being genuine, when parts of me seem to be pro-"building-from-scratch" (i.e. my Pepe Le Pew desires).

    It's a cusp I feel I'm on the edge of tho.

    Perhaps seduction isn't seduction so much as it is recognizing a woman's cues and acting on them?

    Either way, I'm so grateful for this forum and those who have helped me, past and present. It's all coming together and I'm seeing some tangible results.

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    learn to use good delivery ...the 5 p's pitch (how low or high your voice gets) passion(enthusiasm level) pace (speak slow) pauses(throw them in there to reel the group or girl in) prolonging (drag out a part of your story or opener or what not to really suck the girl or group in ) and projection(speak loud enough for them to stop or hear you and not turn away etc!

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