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    Quote Originally Posted by Supernova View Post
    A better question, "Why are you single?" This usually leads to them telling about the long relationship. When it comes back to you just say, "I have an insatiable desire for women." Or say it for the current predicament. It's such a stupid response then you can change topics right after.
    I feel like any relationships question is provider-ish. I wouldn't ask that question the first place. "Why are you single" sounds better IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Habanero View Post
    "How about you, when was your last gf? What happened?"
    If you are non-mono and your main is not your OLTR (or very serious MLTR), you don't have any gfs

    That said, best neutral answer would be "We split, unfortunately it was not meant to be...but I wish her the best" and move on to another topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Habanero View Post
    During first dates, I've been utilizing Blackdragon's patented conversation-starter, "When was your last really big relationship?" It's a great question as it gets them talking about topics that transition pretty naturally into sex. However, it has a downside that I don't quite know how to handle. Once they're done telling their story, they'll inevitably ask "How about you, when was your last gf? What happened?"

    The truthful answer is, of course, "I'm still with her, we just have an open relationship." But that's obviously not going to go over well. How do I handle this question? It seems especially difficult if I'm going after the girl just as an FB, because then if I just make up a fake answer, it sends the signals that I'm looking for something serious right off the bat.
    Habanero, I want to present you with just a little bit different idea with this. It is called a marketing ploy. It is not a terrible thing and I am not bad mouthing BD, I am just saying if as a salesman you give a guy something that sounds great but seems to have a hole in it, that guy is more likely to buy your product in hopes of filling that hole. Fact is that if you can give a perfect story that leaves her a little jealous but not offended that would be great. It might be a challenge though if she is not remotely poly and you are.

    I avoid talking about recently past relationships and so do most women. Relationships like the divorce from a few years ago and it is game on.

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    Yeah that line sucks. Talking about particular relationships sucks. It sucks on dates, it sucks with FBs, with mltrs and with GFs. Nothing good ever comes out of it.

    Talking about relationships as a general subject, can be ok.
    "I'm the kind of guy you don't want to bring home to mom. Cuz I'd fuck your mom."

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    really? I haven't found talking about past relationships to be detrimental.

    I think it's great conversation topics and helps you see where the person is coming from. Making conversation topics off the table reeks of outcome dependence too don't cha think?

    I've even verbalized that I had oneitis with a girl I was seeing and i still had her an MLTR/OLTR for 2-3 years. As long as that needy behavior isn't done onto her I think it's good to go.

    Rather than having no-no's perhaps there's better conversational topics to stick to tho. One of my mistakes is i go on long rants and I don't bother to look at the girls expressions and some of the stuff I'm interested in they might not be interested in LOL.

    I think I sorta get away with it tho cause I talk about my passions. Basically anything that you really like, interested in, think about a lot is a good conversation topic I think.

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