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    -So are we setting a trap for ourselves, by focusing on vibes?
    -Are they not much better than affirmations in this regard?
    Ha, ha, ha. I knew that thread on the popular vibe. There was something there wasn't it? You are focusing on the wrong part of the vibe, but I get vibe down easily. The way I originally learned was through Reiki in my teenage years, made vibe make more sense. That is why I always make the point that using resources that are outside the realm of PUA to come to conclusions.

    I'm a cancer, and I like to think I'm abit of an ascendant cancer when it comes to feelings. I am the type of guy that tries his best to be logical but I can't.

    Or are they real actions, that you can immerse ('flow') yourself in without such 'fragility'?
    Can you immerse yourself in without being fragile? Is that what you've decided to ask? What happens when you stick your hand in jello. Why is it fragility if you are willing to be a little different. Fragility is the wrong frame, it's disregarding. There is no more of an important time to have your regards written in stone. From Russia With Love style.

    Ive seen that some show a resistance to the vibe concept, and Im suspecting that their dislike must come from a suspicion along these lines.
    I've seen it and it's usually the same difference between "Listening" and "Listening" Sort of like how I separated you "Speaking" and "Talking" from your original example in the OP.

    You are setting a trap for yourself by focusing on vibes.
    Says who?
    Is this all in my head? You don't
    move like a normal girl - Normal girls
    don't look like that, not in their eyes
    or the way you orchestrate my butterflies

    Brett McGibbon

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    I dont know. thats to abstract for me. I guess I stay with The Definition of sixty. Attraction is build by the sexual tension thats always There between men and women and the goal is to not break it.

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