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    I somehow ended up doing this naturally a few times (or i forgot about the source?)

    it's more of a gimick if anything tho imo cause otherwise it would be ludicrous to keep it out of my routine.

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    unless you are playing grab ass within a crowd at a concert (in which case your a pussy, and thats creepy): ass grabbing / slapping is a bold move. it requires calibration, balls, and maintaining a strong frame in the immediate shit-test aftermath.

    pro-tip: be aware of other guys. if your target is hot (and .. she should be .. ) guys are watching, ready and willing to white knight the shit out of your rape-cultured ass. besides an ass kicking, you may also risk losing your target to the thrill of her new found attention.

    tread with care.

    Quote Originally Posted by ijjjji View Post
    ... you want to be careful about touching areas that are protected by the fetal position.
    excellent, clean summary.

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