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    Rules for posting in Online Game - Read before you post.

    Before you post anywhere on this forum you are required to read the Rules and Guidelines. You behavior and posts will be judged on the assumption that you have read them. Below is a link to these rules in case you have not read them yet.

    Only posts directly relating to the ONLINE portion of online pickup are allowed here. This includes communicating with women via dating sites, social networking sites, instant messaging, texting, emails and the telephone. If you’re talking about what to do once you’re actually in front of her face-to-face in real life, put those posts in the General forum, NOT in the Online forum. Online literally means that: the portion of pickup process that occurs online.

    Asking for profile critiques is prohibited. These threads will be deleted. Instead of asking for a profile critique, ask a specific question or (questions) about profile creation.

    Do not post long IM or text conversations asking for critiques. Instead, post a small excerpt and ask for advice regarding that.

    Remember that whining about how much online game sucks / doesn’t work / is for pussies / whatever is considered trolling and a violation of posting rule number 1 and thus subject to consequences. If you don’t like online game, please post in the other game type forums instead.

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    My message about texting (a girl I met in person) was moved to this forum. Was this correct?
    If it is I think it might be a good idea to change the name of this forum as a few of the responses are assuming I met this girl on the internet

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