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Ahh, completely forgot to finalize my 'keen' concept (below), and meanwhile I realized that it is a 3-legged dog, as long as I dont fully incorporate KINO.. (for some reason, ASF was always shy when it came to kino talk.. and probably still is. But there are some good threads, like this one: http://www.pua-zone.com/showthread.p...even-a-JOKE%29 )
interesting, my last outing a few days ago the girl slowly reached in the following way

(1) Keen - slowly talking and social connectedness - opening her up and starting this a glimpse in her eye moments
(2) Delighted - she started coming to me teasy kinda (here giving space for it to expand is key)
(3) Deep immersion type sultryness (less sultry more deep sensual nuance to it) - Isolation and forehead to forehead type dancing.

i think my game was for once quite even keelish - super grounded, silent type omitting vibes and contained type vibes. i didnt try anything, jsut focussed on me and how i reacted to her and the environment. I gave her alot of space to feel in. my ownly moves where prolonged attentions and fysically leading her while displaying social value in our group. but i saw her which tapped into something for her. i think a deeper need to be really seen nonjudgementally and with an in cruious about you i like what i see kinda vibe - inner smile im pleased with waht i see type. anyways - the process i noted was the 1-2-3 above. Bursting was never there. Not needed really imo.